Monday, November 8, 2004

Well, the set isn't going backwards

More people does not equal more work accomplished. Our crew for tomorrow is stable and set, thank god, because I have no interest in any more random adds through the night or making up ITP hours. Especially when those ITP-missers haven't been in the shop yet and don't know a tool room from a table saw. As of yet, I haven't found a good use for them except vacuuming. And electrics doesn't seem to want them either.

The set was built, thankfully, in such a way that it fit together as a unit in the space. The picks from the Portal Header and Wall B to their long-ago-decided-upon linesets are vertical (unlike Pentecost when the set was mistakenly installed 8" upstage of where it should have been). And yet, the whole set is 8" farther upstage than Noah and Nick's groundplans said it should be, so all of the electrics are essentially one lineset downstage of where they want to be, in relation to the scenery, as-built and installed. The scenery all fit together on-stage at install probably because we put it in using an as-built groundplan to find the points. Here is what we did today:
  • Fixed reveal on the show portal
  • Fixed the seam on Wall B2-B3. Eventually, that seam needs to be light locked from behind.
  • Installed the door reveal on Wall B2. Eventually, that seam needs to be light locked from behind.
  • Ben Carter will be welding the door handles for us.
  • Toerails have begun to be added
  • Nailing blocks for the Lower Platform facing have been installed. One of these is a randomly still-around 2x8 that has been added to also give support to the added second railing.
  • I got a Genie key from DR. =)
  • Escape railings are super-sturdy and finished
  • Wall B is stabilized with additional hogstrough
  • a full-length gusset was added on the US side of the big Mofo platform.
  • The lower platform is level and even and just where it wants to be
  • The Wall B nubbin has been filled in to Lenny's satisfaction

Things for tomorrow:

  • Electrics will be breasting the electrics upstage 6-8" using the pin rail. The tabs will be flown in and the breasting done over them. Afterwards, the tabs will probably be west coasted up and off the floor until Di decides that she wants them there. Jackson and Lizzie will be switched so that lx has the strength of Jackson for pulling rope.
  • Facings, flashing and railings will be installed.
  • Toe rails will be installed
  • The backs of the reveal bricks for the Cinderblock Wall will be sanded because For-Ton isn't flat. And wood is. Argh. (Adam Koch)
  • In the afternoon Avery will be finishing the rigging for the bare lightbulb.
  • 12 noon Advisor Mentoring Meeting: Katy, David, Kevin. Probably walk through the space.

Other things on the List:

  • Doors are promised from paints (dry) by the top of crew on Wednesday.
  • Shannon will be leaving for a meeting at break on Wednesday night.
  • McMaster things were ordered today.
  • Wall A still needs to be braced to un-Pringle(r) it.
  • LOWER STAIRS!! (Katy working on this Tuesday during the day)
  • Wall C bracing moved
  • Sandbags secured back so that they don't hit people in the head.
  • Do we need to buy spring clamps for the masking? Or are there actually some still around? I know that Matt bought a bunch for Arcadia.
  • Avery is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Shannon is planning to be off (with Team Scenery's sophomore crew) on Thursday night to work on Candide. Harumi and I are planning to be working on notes or somesuch Thursday night to get ready for Focus on Friday. If nothing else, I will be playing with the lower stairs.

Feel free to add to the list if I have forgotten something.

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