Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Good Stuff

"Avery will take care of it." Is a great thing to hear. So is, "Can I just do it?" I have been discussing his choices as the rig has developed today and right now there are 6 sheaves in the air with appropriate adjustability built in. The fleet angle is ok. The vertical clearance is maxed out. The whole thing is sturdy. No 1 1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe was harmed in the making of this spot rig. The cable paging is still under discussion with I-Hua in electrics.

Here is THE LIST for the rest of build, currently in no particular order:
  • Clean Railing soot
  • Break apart railing jigs, rack up the less-than-pristine plywood for other shows.
  • Get Pin Rail for the linesets
  • Empty shop vacs
  • Pre-rig Walls B and C
  • Figure out weights of flown sections of walls for load-in brick throwing
  • Load-in Plan (Kevin wants to advise early in the plan making)
  • Finish bits of steel mounting hardware
  • Finish the rig of the chandelier... and get a second spot line in for the period lightbulb.... paint that stuff shiny black once we know that the welding is done.
  • Flashing prep for the doors and lower platform facing
  • budget projection for hours as well. blech, un-fun =(
  • Fill incorrect routing-when-drunk groove. re-paint.
  • Ask Ben to weld up the door handles.
  • Cut and drill holes in kick thingie steel insides
  • Find rope for lifting the big mofo platform.
  • Order pieces for the stair spin.
  • replace rigging hardware in the archive room
  • probably many things that I have forgotten, leave a comment

I can't help but post this picture. **edit: I can't figure out how to actually post the picture, so its only a link.***

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