Thursday, November 4, 2004

Is 20' really a path?

General Things:

Avery and I have answer for why we used the little sheaves. Its because the big ones are inextricably jammed into Kevin's sheave machine thing in the PTM classroom. We managed to get 3 out for the period lightbulb rig, but it was quite an ordeal.

I am going to get 2 cable reels for the flying chandeliers/light bulb. Todd does not have any and it seems like the best plan. However, I am having trouble finding something that is not $500 and super-hard-core. Avery suggested going to an electrical supply house and talking with them.

What we planned to do:
  • Pre-Rig Wall B
  • Finish Cleaning railings
  • De-Jig Railings
  • Work on Chandelier Rigging
  • Fix drunk routed groove
  • Finish Kick Thingies (the steel part)

What got done:

  • Walls B and C are fully fit-up, partially cabled

What is planned for tomorrow

  • Cable finished for Walls B and C (Jon, Erik, Shannon)
  • Katy meets with Kevin to go over load-in plan in greater depth
  • Avery will fix the Cinderblock Wall to match what Nick made in casting class
  • Aluminum Flashing will get cut for the downstage platform facing
  • Aluminum Flashing will get cut and attached to the raised door panels
  • Avery will finish the chandelier rigs
  • Teams for tomorrow: Jon & Erik, Sarah & Paul, Michelle & Richard
  • From 6:30-7:00 tomorrow there will be pizza for the crew to celebrate being done with build. Tonight went well. Crew in general, for 5 weeks, has gone well. The budget is doing well. We told the crew at the end of the call. They will meet at or before 6:30 in the shop, as usual, and then be taken to another location, to prevent interference with other crews due to smells and jealousy.

Long-Term LIST:

  • Find Door Handle Pieces so that Ben Carter can weld them.
  • Weights of wall sections that are flying
  • Inventory of wood for jacks.
  • CAD groundplan (its just about done)
  • Cable reels
  • empty shop vacs

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David said...

thats alot to do tomorrow.

mikkie carr, page 726.