Friday, November 19, 2004

It was a day

Tonight a nosing piece was made, but not attached because the stairs aren't attached yet, and that would be asking for trouble. The Upstage Studwall on the Upper Platform (aka Lower Wall B1) was braced. Electrics improved their hazer platform. The ends of the upper stairs both have facings on them. I bought a marker to black out the Wall B cables, but it turns out that the only 2 that aren't black already are the ones over the Upper Platform. So to get to them, the border will need to be flown out and the cable accessed from behind using the Genie Lift. Perhaps the Blue Genie would be able to make it. I was able to black part of one of the cables from the front, when i was lined up to do a cable that turned out to be black already, and the Magnum 44 seemed to be enough, I could see a difference from the floor.

For most of the evening, I worked on the bare bulb rigging. This was NOT the plan. First, I was going to make the wood plug with a groove in the middle to hold the zip cord in the middle of the piece of pipe that Avery made to hold the lamp socket. So I did. I was a very tight fit. In fact, it was near impossible to remove from the pipe once it had been inserted. Somehow, my cylinder became a partial cone shape, which gave it hard-core wedging properties. Then, I had to "shim" the socket to get the bulb to hang straight down (I used black gaff). It was almost done, when Noah decided to point out all the ways that it was not going to work, and how he didn't know why Nick hadn't given the note already. But he hadn't, so I had continued to the point in the process where I was almost finished with it. Now, however, I need to find a way to make the whole bulb visible, and the socket, but still weight it so that it flies. So far, I have established that it requires the weight of 2 nuts for 3/4" bolts and 6 nuts for 1/2" bolts and 1 piece of tie line. I wonder what that translates into in something long and straight and not shiny. Maybe just weld the nuts together?

I talked with Fahrion Sheet Metal today. I am supposed to be speaking with Mike in the morning about getting the plates (with holes for the screws for the handles and the door knob bolt) fabricated (hopefully with a 1/2" return back at 90 degrees) and the estrucheons cut from plate as well. They probably won't be ready for Saturday, but should be in before Thanksgiving break, I hope. We'll see.

Tomorrow I will be working on the bare bulb and getting the lower platform facing to work and the stairs attached to the Unit in time for Saturday's Tech rehearsal. Which is supposedly having a GO at 11am. We'll see. That'll be entertaining, or not.

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