Thursday, November 11, 2004

There is always something

to spend the contingency money on.

Today, Di Trevis added a wall to our set. Wall D. It is 16'-0" tall and 15'-0" wide, living 6'-0" Upstage of Wall B. I don't know where or when it will get painted (that's a lot of square footage!) or who will build it, but I'm sure that she'll get her wall. For those who care, it comes in at an estimated $400 and 40 hours, plus install time.

What we planned to do tonight:
  • Install Upper Railing
  • Hang Chandelier and Bare Bulb
  • Hang Doors, attach raised plate and handles
  • Work on the Lower Stairs some more

What we did do tonight:

  • The Upper Railing is in, but the angle seems to have been welded on in the wrong location, so during break Harumi and I used the cutting wheel on the grinder to get it off and Ben Carter will reattach the angle for us. Overall, it needs a bit more stability, so its still Caution Taped off.
  • The Doors are hung, but they definitely aren't finished. I am going to try to get some #6 Wood Screws tomorrow, since that's the size that McMaster says to use. And somehow Wall B needs to be less wrong, or pringle-y or something. Shannon is contemplating it. So, the raised panels didn't get put on yet. Nor the door handles. Though I guess that both could be without the doors actually working.
  • Somehow I forgot that attaching a pinrail to the floor behind the box booms would be a pain in the butt because of the concrete floor factor. Conveniently, DR was in the building for ITP and had some concrete anchors and the appropriate tooling to install them, so Avery put that stuff in.
  • The Rigging was installed in the Tension Grid, but the Chandelier is not hung yet. That will be at the top of crew tomorrow night. Avery also wants to try to fix a problem he found with one of his pieces of hardware, so that will happen tomorrow afternoon.
  • I painted the rigging hardware shiny black today.
  • The Valve and the Mounting block for the Fire Curtain rig were found today and assembled. Woohoo! Now I just need to track down a schematic of how the valve is plumbed, since it only has a part number and not a little drawing on it.
  • The backs of the walls were de-prickled and hopefully are actor-proofed. I will walk through again in the next day or two.
  • Craig DeLorenzo was late enough coming back from break today that Becca went to look for him. Lucky for Craig, he returned to crew before Becca found him.

Tomorrow's List:

  • Talk with Kevin about any further structural stabilization that is necessary.
  • Rig the Chandelier and the Bare Bulb to completion
  • Find out the schedule/status of the added Wall D
  • Order/Acquire lots of #6 Screws
  • Make the Door Work
  • Stabilize the railing
  • Figure out the interaction of the Facing, ToeRail & Flashing with the Stair Spinning machine :(
  • Confirm the existence of spring clamps for the masking... or order more.
  • Order or find a pneumatic cylinder for the stair spin. (discuss the million and one mounting choice options with Kevin or David)
  • Trim the masking to height, spike and re-grid.
  • Raised Door Plate and Hardware
  • Flipper and Facing at least in place enough for Focus.
  • Stairs are not to be attached until after the floor is painted, Lenny has requested.

Upcoming Schedule:

  • As the stage carpenter, Shannon will be moving things for Focus
  • Saturday afternoon, Harumi is with Milo for sound
  • Wall D's schedule is still TBD


David said...

Please be careful to not sound mad about the add.

Katy said...

I'm not mad. And we have a crew to build it on Saturday; Shannon, Matt G, Erik G and Jackson, called 8am-5pm or whenever they get done, whichever is earlier. Lenny will be coming in at noon to start carving. Carving will be outdoors to prevent the mess from infesting any further.