Saturday, November 20, 2004

10 out of 12

Tech moved well. I do appreciate the style of having everything in the rehearsal hall from sets, costumes and props so that tech isn't about adding a million things that weren't there before. As irritating as the English directors can be with their "I want everything in the rehearsal hall now!" it makes other parts of life easier, like putting actors on stage.

Annotated Notes list:
  • Move the bracing between Wall B and Wall D SR to the top of Wall D for a lighting shot to get through. After speaking with I-Hua, I will neatly remove the cable from the hogstrough and she will redress it with longer cable Monday Afternoon during their lighting work notes.
  • The Chandelier still goes "bump" on its way up, that needs to be addressed before Monday's tech. Not sure if its an issue of padding or operator error. I suspect the latter, but the former may help as well.
  • There is a large gouge in the floor (suspiciously shaped like a blue genie outrigger that was dropped on its end) upstage left under the upper platform, in a high traffic area. Right now it is taped over. I will be speaking with Lenny about his preferred patch method... either sand and fill or cut out a rectangle and replace the rectangle. Honestly, I don't care which he goes for as long as he's happy and lets me know.
  • Blackout the rope light for the smoke effect. This is one that I took on to help out electrics, I'm thinking that taping black fabric to the inside of the pit rail screens would work to keep the rope light illumination from going out the holes.
  • The bottom of the doors needs to be light locked with something flexible (for the rug to pass through/under). One option discussed with Nick were to somehow adhere black fabric directly to the underside of the door. The other option is to cut a small, thin piece of wood or "lathe", have Lenny paint it to be green wood and use that to hold on the door skirt. Any other opinion havers?
  • Wardrobe has requested 6-8 coat hooks in the changing booth. It seems that we don't have any in the hardware room, so I am going to buy some tomorrow, mount them to a board and screw them up in the changing booth.
  • The proscenium masking is bunchy near the floor. It needs to not be that way.
  • Clean up the pile on the back of the cinderblock wall unit's wagon.
  • Raise chandelier trim height 18"
  • Black the chandelier hardware (marker!)
  • The seams on the flipper facing don't look too bad under light. So I need to hinge that in. Build a support for the flipper onto the back of the stairs and have the flipper platform and the flipper facing pin together (currently, they are screwed). It isn't permanent right now because I was concerned about how the seams would look in the mdf facing. I am going to put some black fabric on the US side of it, to span the gap, but under light it isn't particularly noticeable.
  • The Flashing for the lower stair unit can go on once the mechanics of the spin/flip are arranged.
  • Actuator for the spinning stairs... on order... on its way
  • door plates and stuff... the sheet metal guy either doesn't want to talk to me or he is super-duper busy. Prior to Monday morning, I am going to fax my specs to other sheet metal guys in town to see who can get me a quality product fastest for a reasonable price. I know, I know, there are 3 variables in any project, time, money and quality and I am asking for all 3 to be in my favor. Really, I just want someone who will return my calls.
  • clean the railings. talk to Ben carter about a product for that. maybe talk to Nick prior to that and see if its still needed given the lighting of the show.
  • The SR Tabs were flown in as more masking was needed... seems that masking was drawn farther than the pipes go, and I didn't catch it. Bad TD, no biscuit.

Shopping List for Sunday:

  • Coat hooks for the dressing booth
  • black fabric to be light-locking masking sort of stuff... gonna try JoAnn's, don't want to wait for Rose Brand
  • highly aggressive double stick tape (any brands I should look for?)
  • Zippo lighter fluid (for props)
  • Lighter flints (for props)
  • Lighter wicks (for props)

This is actually going to be a pretty good show. You should come and see it. The men are dashing and handsome. The women are sparkly and beautiful. The pace seems to be good. But we haven't gotten to the gory death scenes yet. So maybe I should reserve judgment.

Tomorrow's plan is to get the shopping done early-ish, do any notes that don't require a supervisor, get my tech design homework for Monday done and go to bed early.

Monday's plan is to be in to school by 9am, deal with aluminum/sheet metal fabricators who don't like to call me back, do notes that do require a supervisor or the shop, go to class, eat dinner, sit tech again.

Snippets from the day:

Apricocks. It looks like a train station. That is ugly, cut it. Can we get a bigger baby? Can somebody please teach them how to sweep and mop? Paint one of the babies blue. Can't we just rent a baby?

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