Monday, November 1, 2004

Green Wood and Ham?

Things that were on the list today:
  • Pick-up at Allegheny Plywood (4 sheets of 3/8 MDF)
  • Pick-up at Metals Supermarket (1 stick of 1.5x1.5x.125 Aluminum Angle)
  • Cut Groove in the Doors
  • Deliver Doors, Facing and lower steps to paints
  • Finish Lower Steps
  • Jig Second Rail
  • Pre-Rig a wall
  • Escape Stair Railings
  • Virtual Load-in in AutoCAD of the as-builts (this was Kevin's idea)

What happeneded today:

Avery did errands this afternoon and worked on the lower stairs. In the evening he cut the groove in the doors, straightened out the raised panels and pretty much finished up the lower steps.

Wall A is mostly pre-rigged. It still needs to be cabled. I still need to buy more rigging gear

Half of the second railing is jigged up. Avery will finish that at the start of the afternoon tomorrow.

Sarah Rockwell and Ben Carter made the tube caps for the railing ends

The escape stair/platform railings are as complete as they can be prior to install. "It takes 40 hours to carve the Buddha."

Tomorrow's Plan:

  • Ben Carter will be welding up the railings
  • Avery will finish jigging the second railing
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Kickrail thingies
  • Look at the set with Kevin at 10:30am (post-structures)
  • Flashing prepped
  • Finish other units

I want to go to F&F with Nicole. So I am. Goodnight. Don't forget to vote for Kerry tomorrow!

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