Friday, November 5, 2004

Build during Build,

Install during Install, do Notes during Tech... its actually working out that way. We did a little bit of install during build (show portal header, escapes, chandelier test-fit, is pre-rig cheating?) and there will still be some bits to build in the space (fire curtain interaction, figuring out the flashing... both of which have been tabled until after the big mofo is up and stable and happy)

What we did today:
  • Finished the wall pre-rig. All the sleeve presses have passed the Go-NoGo gauge.
  • The cinderblock wall is up on its wagon. The reveal pieces need to be sanded down prior to attachment. I will write another entry (but not tonight) about things that have been learned from the casting process.
  • The flashing for the raised door panels is cut, labeled and wrapped in paper with the mdf
  • the other Flashing trim is cut, rolled and wrapped in paper.
  • the shop is super-duper clean
  • the hardware pieces for mounting the stairs are made (some from big ass angle)
  • the railings are de-jigged and cleaned enough until they are installed. And the 1x1x.125 box tube in that arrangement is quite sturdy.
  • the fly rail is labeled for the Duchess of Malfi
  • we had a successful pizza party on the second floor mezz of the main lobby
  • Michelle Wong managed to injure herself on masking tape. She is fine. no accident report needs to be filed.
  • Shannon has ordered me to go home, have a beer and get some sleep.


  • 8:30: TD Team preps
  • 9:00: crew called, eats/drinks coffee, plan for the day gone over
  • 9:15: starting with the RP screen, check and move and install everything that flies.
  • 11:00: 10 minute break
  • 11:10: back to work. Install Portal if Time allows.
  • 12:00: LUNCH
  • 1:00: Team Scenery returns from lunch, I-Hua takes them for Electrics until 5:00
  • afternoon: TD Team goes to the store and buys 2x4 for jacks. The box truck is signed out.
  • evening: homework, prep for Sunday, sleep, drink beer

I keep thinking that I must have forgotten something....

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