Tuesday, November 2, 2004

NPR in the morning only, please

Becca and Shannon apologize for Florida and Ohio, respectively. Its not their fault that their states forgot that it was election day. Why are we kicking out the NPR jams? The west coast isn't even done voting yet. I was not disenfranchised. (that is a cool word) Shannon was.

Here's what was planned to do:
  • Make sure that everyone on the crew voted or was at least given the opportunity
  • Kick thingies
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fix the lower platforms
  • Finish jigging the rails
  • Weld the Main Railing

Here's what we did:

  • Re-made the picks on the Show Portal Header.
  • Fixed some FUBAR/SNAFU stuff on the lower platform. Made the wedgie and reskinned the middle Lower Platform. Thanks Kevin. I am the luckiest girl ever today.
  • Made hogstrough
  • Talked through the chandelier rigging with Avery. He is going to do that tomorrow. Avery rocks. David was right, just have Avery do it.
  • Michelle and Paul made the kick thingies.
  • Richard cleaned the MIG Weld Spool-gun weld beads. The soot came off pretty easily. Yay!
  • Avery made mounting hardware.
  • Finished up jigging the pieces for the railing

Kevin, I trust that you and David are updated on things. David, I trust that you clued Kevin in on things. Play nicely together children.

The longest word in the English Language and a subdefinition

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David said...

I wonder what happened tonight?