Thursday, November 11, 2004

Roll it until it stops

making that crackling noise. Then it will be done.

What we planned to do:
  1. Talk with Kevin about any further structural stabilization that is necessary.
  2. Rig the Chandelier and the Bare Bulb to completion
  3. Find out the schedule/status of the added Wall D
  4. Order/Acquire lots of #6 Screws
  5. Make the Door Work
  6. Stabilize the railing
  7. Figure out the interaction of the Facing, ToeRail & Flashing with the Stair Spinning machine :(
  8. Confirm the existence of spring clamps for the masking... or order more.
  9. Order or find a pneumatic cylinder for the stair spin. (discuss the million and one mounting choice options with Kevin or David)
  10. Trim the masking to height, spike and re-grid.
  11. Raised Door Plate and Hardware
  12. Flipper and Facing at least in place enough for Focus.
  13. Stairs are not to be attached until after the floor is painted, Lenny has requested.

Here's What happened (numbers should match):

  1. I slept in. Will talk to Kevin tomorrow (Friday)
  2. Chandelier and Bare Bulb are rigged, however, the Chandelier doesn't clear the AA pipe (my measurements told me that it would, but apparently I was wrong), but it flies. I need to get real handline from Kevin's office. The AA will be moved by I-Hua and Hallie's crews at the top of the call tomorrow. I am responsible for bringing 3 C-Wrenches so that it can be a quick, small army project. Electrics has 4 wrenches. The Bare Bulb still needs some weight on it, which Avery and I-Hua have figured out, and Avery will be finishing making that tomorrow.
  3. Wall D is planned to be built by a team of 4 A-Team-ers (Shannon, Matt G, Erik G and Jackson) on Saturday, beginning at 8am. I will be drawing the wall tonight and ordering materials from Paul Lumber in the morning. Lenny will be starting to do the scenic finish (carving, gooping, PVAing, painting and sealing) at noon, as walls are complete.
  4. Actually, that wouldn't have worked.
  5. Shannon made the doors work. Now there are notes to be done on the doors.
  6. Railing is still not stabilized. I should talk to someone about how to make that work. I think that I had car dreams about this in June or something.
  7. If I had a nickle for everytime I said, "I don't know." I'd be a rich, clueless girl. Instead, I just don't know. I have some ideas, but nothing real hot yet.
  8. It looks like the clamps are still on the proscenium masking and just need to be re-dressed. Craig clamped up part of Wall B-Leg 4 today. It doesn't look great, but its easier to fix it once its been done partially.
  9. Also on the discussion list.
  10. It is now on the daytime notes list for tomorrow.
  11. Like many things, now that its been done, it can be fixed. On the list for tomorrow's daytime notes.
  12. Flipper is up on a temporary, x-braced leg for focus (yay for Harumi, ATD-in-my-pocket!)
  13. Check! Still waiting for painting to be done tomorrow.

Here are some details:

  • The flashing on the raised door panels looks like ass. Something needs to be done about it. New flashing will be the first thing to look at.
  • The upstage door knobs attaching to the doors has been solved by Shannon and now they won't fall off and they turn like door knobs (an added bonus!)
  • The aluminum angle was re-Tek Screwed into the steel, so it is ready to be re-welded to the railing. arrghh.
  • The doors need a doorstop all the way around and tension ball catches at the top to hold the doors closed.
  • Avery rocks my world, problem solves well and says what needs to be said. Give him a cookie please.

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A Boy Named Sue said...

I only read about 2 sentances of your blog and stopped. See, my friend just cracked his wrists as I entered your blog. Then I read..."making that crackling noise, then it will be done. Then... I read on further to see "Talk with Kevin about any further structural stabilization that is necessary." And that's where I stopped because my friend's name is Kevin.

Thanks for freaking me out. That is all. And no, I'm not on drugs.