Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yarn Quiz

handspun merino
You are 100% wool hand-dyed MERINO.
You like all things natural and would prefer to do
it yourself. You are socially conscious and
aware of your surroundings. You are kind to all
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What kind of yarn are you really??
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Friday, November 11, 2005

200th Post!

I am setting up my etsy shop, which may someday be used solely to direct people to items that I may list in Jen's shop, but for now is my one and only internet selling presence (with no items to sell). To make it complete, I am looking to hire/barter/trade with someone to design a logo and then produce the graphics for a banner and an avatar.

The avatar needs to be 75 x 75 pixels in size.

The banner needs to be 536 pixels wide x 77 pixels tall.

Did I ever mention before that I have no graphic design skills?

Last night, I started to spin up the cream alpaca that I bought at the Windy City Spinning Guild in November. It was prepared as true roving, with all the fibers parallel for a worsted spinning technique. This stuff has the longest staple length, it must be 7+ inches, and its incredibly, unbelievably smooth and soft. I tried to spin up a medium-fine single to ply. The bag of roving is really heavy for its size, like a good cantalope.

Does mail really not get delivered on Veteran's Day? I was hoping for my locker hooking kit to arrive from Marr Haven today, and it didn't. If I'm lucky, tomorrow will be the day.

Yay Post Number 200! I will try to update more regularly now, so that it doesn't take another year to reach #300.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Last Call

I'm putting in my fiber order in the morning. I would love to have reason to buy some more of the multi-color merino, the best photos of which are at the Texas Fiber site that I linked to above. Leave a comment if you are interested. Tonight I was spinning and I went faster than the ounce/hour estimations that I made before. After spinning merino for so many nights, the Corriedale that I tried out tonight was very short stapled. The alpaca though... man-o-man was that stuff silky and smooth, like butter. And such long, long, long fibers. Incredible stuff.

Well, its getting cold in here, time for sleeping.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

A firm offer

Ok, oh few readers, I have a proposition for you. I want to set up Bee-Ewe-Tee-Full Creations as an etsy shop to sell off the yarn addiction as I spin it up. I'm thinking of running all transactions through there, though they also take a percentage. =( But if I ever get business-serious about this, it will give me a web presence. However, I am not a designer. At all. And my graphic design application skills are rudimentary at best.

If someone speaks up by Friday morning, I will spin up a pound of any Ashland Bay wool into yarn in exchange for logo/shop design work. If you think that your skills, talent and time are worth more than that, I am open to negotiation. Send me the same information I asked for here.

Are you a pretty-picture-designer who knits and has a friend who is a kick-ass web designer who crochets? I'm open to teams as well. A pound per person seems fair, but payout will take longer, since it will be more to spin. I seem to be averaging an ounce an hour of singles and then another hour for plying. It definitely goes faster if I sit down to do it for a longer while, and if Anne is on the TiVo duty. So 2 pounds per month seems like it might be a reasonable pace to get the commissions/trades completed. The well-prepared roving spins like a dream on the wheel.

Let me know in the comments or email or AIM if you want to play, otherwise I'm buying my $200 of wholesale fiber as whatever I want, with no consideration for what someone else might want.

To David: I have not gone off the deep end, but I am addicted.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005


I just got my first handspun yarn comission! Thanks Andrea, and Andrea's mom for being a knitter who of course always needs yarn. I will be spinning up a pound of merino in the multi-color of English Garden. It should be very pretty. Now all I need to do is figure out the rest of my fiber order by Friday. Anyone else need a very special gift for the very special knitter/crocheter/weaver/yarn-petter in their life?

Jen has posted about her cool finds from the Trunk Show on Saturday. My yarn is the third picture down. I love making yarn, I can't believe that I didn't know how to do this just six weeks ago.

New Craft Alert: To deal with the very soft, but filled with little bits of vegetable matter, wool (Finn-Merino cross) that came with my wheel, I am thinking about learning to do locker hooking and making a rug. The trouble is, that then I will be adding yet another craft to my to-do list. Does anyone remember way back when I wanted to try cross-stitch? Yeah, I haven't touched that shit in ages. All of my crafts are pretty much focused on fiber arts. I like them the best because they tend to involve the least amount of water. I really dislike having wet and/or sticky hands. Painting, dyeing, wet felting, most paper crafts and a lot of glass-type stuff all involve water-based clean-up and/or glue at the very least. ick.

I went to see Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit tonight. It was very amusing, totally worth the $5 ticket that included a free small popcorn and parking at the theater. Discount Tuesday at AMC City North is a great deal, I should go more often. Has anyone seen Chicken Little? The previews make it look very funny and well-done, but I'm a little unsure about a Disney movie.

It is way past my bedtime. Over and out.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Fiber Overload

Over in the land of LiveJournal, there is a community called Spinning Fiber. It is full of very nice people. One of them is making an initial order to a fiber wholesaler (click the title link) that makes freaking amazing fibers. I'm quite certain that they are the source of some of the best stuff I have used (not like the yucky vegetable matter (vm) filled stuff I have in the bag o' sheep) that was purchased from stores. The only trouble now is deciding if I have $200 to spend on fiber. Its quite an investment in a stash, but I'm also spinning the stuff up pretty fast. The trouble is that in a range of $9-20/pound, on average, of the wools that I would purchase, that is 10-20 pounds of wool to ship to Chicago and also to find a place to store and to spin up.

I think that if I didn't already have the bag-o-sheep, I would be more easily swayed towards all this new wool. Maybe I should just save my money and buy a set of wool combs, then I could prep the bag of Finn-Merino cross wool and spin it. Or I could use that stuff to play around with woolen spinning and buy $200 of fiber and just try my darndest to find a place to put it all in the crammed-with-crafting-supplies apartment. If I got rid of the yarn that I have, there might be room, but I have plans for that yarn. Gah! I am addicted.

Maybe I could use this as an opportunity for extended experiments with different types of wool. There are lots of different types, Merino, Colonial, English, Blue-Faced Leicester, Jacob, Shetland, Corriedale, Wensleydale, and then all the different colors and blends and regular versus superwash. Don't forget about alpaca and angora and all the different kinds of silk. I'm in heaven, but my bank account is groaning loudly at the idea of all this excess.

We definitely need a yahoo-group for the Windy City Spinning Guild, so that I could ask the other spinners if they would be interested without waiting until December's meeting. I'm sure that some of the people there would be game for wool purchasing, co-op style.

This entry is rambling, but I'm just not sure what to do. If anyone reading this is interested in buying even just a few pounds of wool, let me know in the comments. Or, if you want to buy the wool and have me spin it in to yarn for you, that could be arranged as well.

To bed with me.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Katy needs

Top 10 results from putting in my name with the word "needs" after it. Most recently seen at Jennifer's blog, Piddleloop.
  1. Katy needs to get home, and get home soon
  2. Katy needs will be taken care of
  3. Katy needs every ounce of her courage
  4. Katy needs fish money
  5. Katy needs dental assistant with dental experience
  6. Katy needs to know
  7. Katy needs to know that her outlook could negatively affect the...
  8. Katy needs checkups less frequently
  9. Katy needs to be part of the overall planning
  10. Katy needs to eat some sweets
This was strangely repetitive (I counted the top 10 unique answers to the search) and seems to be adversely affected by the existence of the town Katy, TX. Thinking of Texas though, got me thinking of Ms. Valerie Light (whose complete name I have put in with the hope that someday she will Google her own name, find this blog and write to me with her current contact information!) and how much I miss her now that she is far, far away in the Republic of Texas.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Good thing that I like yellow and blue

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