Wednesday, December 8, 2004


I got drawings from Noah today. I had Nicole convert the VectorWorks "as of focus" plot into an acad file so that I would be able to navigate it. Unfortunately, give me a vw file and you may as well have handed me two bricks and a stick and said, "go make some dinner." It just won't happen. I have no idea what to do. But if the conversion went correctly, which I think that it did, then I have found 2 gremlins so far.
  1. The part of the proscenium that actually moves in and out is not in his plot, resulting in the thickness of the proscenium being 2'-2 1/16" in my groundplan and 1'-10 3/8" thick in the lighting designer's groundplan. That is 4" right there.
  2. In my groundplan, the Show Portal is situated under lineset 5, mostly downstage of it, but a with some upstage of the lineset as well. In the lighting designer's gp, the show portal is entirely downstage of lineset 5 and is also shown with 1/2" less thickness.
  3. The distance between the most upstage edge of the fire curtain track and the downstage edge of the Show Portal is 3'-4 1/2" in my groundplan and 3'-2 13/16" in the LD groundplan. There is another 2" so now we are up to 6" accounted in discrepancies between the TD's as-built groundplan and the Lighting Designer's as-of-focus groundplan.
The next step is to get into the space with a tape measure and see which of these drawings is correct with regards to reality, or if neither of them is correct, what does reality say. In both drawings, the Fire Curtain Track is 4" thick, which sounds slim compared to reality, but we'll see.

More updates to follow after I measure stuff tonight. woohoo!

Thursday, December 2, 2004


News from before the notes session:
  • Ethan Hova cut his hand on the stair flashing. I hate that someone got hurt on the set. I feel bad and horrible and 2 centimeters tall.
From the notes session:
  • the hand bounces... ewww... that is super gross
  • ethan got a hard-core papercut from the flashing
  • the gun is being troublesome
Continuing news:
  • proscenium masking is on the stage management list to try to make it not suck.
Schedule that effects me tomorrow:
  • Space is unavailable due to acting notes 2:30-5:30
  • 8pm curtain tomorrow
  • 11pm reception in Studio A for the opening.

notes out my ears

So, the notes took WAY longer than expected today. But the stairs spin. However, it is a big hassle to reset the scenery, so there will be a sign on the Fire Curtain box before the crew call that says something along the lines of "Don't run the fire curtain unless ther is an ACTUAL fire onstage because the set will move and the reset is annoying and time consuming."

As I type this, I am thinking about how to keep the stairs from pulling away from the lower platform, and it seems that a small cylinder acting as a pin would work, plumbed off of the main cylinder with Tees, but I'm not sure how to make it so that it actually holds without preventing the fire curtain actuated motion. Suggestions? Please comment.

The flashing is on and looks nice. I used the not-smelly contact cement this time. It takes longer to dry, but no one complains about fumes.

The doors have been wiped down. I guess that they are cleaner, there was some dirt/dust on the rag. The escape railing that was loose is now tight.

The proscenium masking is not any better, but I didn't get to that today, so I wouldn't expect it to be any better.

There is production management homework due tomorrow. That makes me sad =(

I still smell bad. Ick. Should go home and solve that problem. All day I have been working toward that goal. It is the prize for finishing the notes... a shower. But then the notes took forever, so I had an intermediate prize of soup for lunch.

Another realization as I type this... I didn't dress the air hose up off the floor. Got to do that or someone will eat my face. toodle-oo

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Final Dress

The stairs seem to have slid forward.... pressure in the system should fix that. Argh..
  1. Clean top of the doors... ladder and simple green and a rag
  2. Stairs need to be pressurized to hold back... didn't anticipate that problem, as it hasn't been one before there was a cylinder
  3. Flashing needs to be put on early in the day tomorrow for the lower platforms (10:30am... after Management Seminar)
  4. Proscenium Masking clamp... spoke with Matt Hales... he says that the Arcadia masking only looked good because Stevie made sure that no light ever went onto the blacks, but told me what he thinks that Avery did to make it look better, so I'm going to try making them myself
  5. Chandelier clunked... note taken... make sure that it is run in preset
  6. Dan has told me that the railing on the escape platform is falling off... so I'm going to be looking at that in a few minutes
  7. Dave Boevers came to tech notes tonight.
  8. Don't frantically pester people with 2 guns in their hands... its just common sense people!
  1. work from 10:30 on to get all the notes done... I have no classes after that
  2. Tech Tables need to go away tomorrow... Becca is talking to Todd about it.

What we did today:
  • Cleaned up the mess backstage on the Cinderblock Wall Wagon (thanks Harumi!)
  • Got the cylinder installed (woohoo!)... now its time to troubleshoot
  • the railings were cleaned today (yay for the run crew!)