Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Did you use soap?

The very first entry in the dictionary for the word "wash" mentions the use of soap. Why the sophomores told me that they couldn't get the brushes clean when they hadn't used soap yet is beyond me. They got to try again. Once more with feeling... and soap.

What we planned to do today:

  • Sanding and attaching the For-Ton bricks onto the reveal of the Cinderblock Wall (which Di has promised Nick that she will find a way to make seen in the show)
  • Installing the Upper Platform Facing
  • Installing the Lower Platform Facing (not including the flipper stair facing)
  • Attaching the flashing to the lower platform facing
  • Installing the Lower Railing
  • Installing the Upper Railing
  • De-Pringle Wall A
  • Work on finishing the Toe Rails

What we did today:

  • Cinderblock wall is all done to the point that sets can be. It has been returned to the casting class to do with as they wish.
  • Lower platform's facing, flashing and railing is attached
  • Upper Platform's facing is attached (and it fits!)
  • The leg under the stairs that was previously 2x4 and a gusset is now de-ghetto-ified. There is a weird Frankenstein/SYH thing masquerading as a leg now. It is all braced and bolted and lovely. Yay Avery! I <3>
  • The rigging stuff is all finished, but not painted as of yet. I took some pictures to document my first SYH @ CMU.
  • Toe Rails are still in progress, they have moved forward.
  • Pit of Death (PoD) facing is in. Shannon even mortised it over top of my funny angle iron hardware bits. yay Shannon!
  • Cable Reel went to I-hua. She made it work with the chandelier because she rocks.
  • the J-Roller worked for putting the flashing onto the facing. thanks for the suggestion, Kevin and/or Ben Carter (I can't remember)
  • Wall C was braced to Wall B. It still needs some work though.
  • The Crew's Call Schedule was changed from a night off on Thursday to a night off on Friday, which makes way more sense considering that FOCUS is on Friday night, so the set has to be functionally finished by then.
  • Sandbags were chained back to prevent them from swinging into somebody's head.

What didn't happen tonight/Changes from intentions:

  • The Upper Railing didn't get put in.
  • Only one lineset was breasted upstage (and as far as I know, the Tabs can still fly in and out)
  • The Bucket reel, it turns out, is only useful for coiling up cable, not for reeling in cable that is plugged in. Mike Mahlum, I-Hua and I discussed it and the bare bulb will be pulled the old-fashioned way, by the zip cord, but the zip cord will be weighted on the socket end so that it is heavy enough to actually fly in and out.

Tomorrow's Plan:

  • 4:30pm Production Meeting in the Old Student Lounge
  • Post-Production Meeting I-Hua is handing off the bare bulb, ready to fly, to Katy, for install
  • 6:00pm Avery is coming in.
  • 8:30pm Shannon is leaving for an Outreach Meeting
  • Jackson & Erik (with Shannon) are installing the doors
  • Adam, Craig & Harumi are installing the big railing
  • Avery & Katy are installing the chandelier and the bare bulb.
  • Actor-proof the walls with a grinder and/or end nips and tape (there are staples and stuff sticking out and its spiky)
  • Adam will be continuing to work on tying the walls together to decrease bracing in stage traffic patterns
  • 1 screw bracing will be improved to bolts
  • Stabilization of the Cantilever Beam

Day Crew List (aka Katy):

  • Sharpen Chisel and Finish making the inset into Wall B for the Upper Railing
  • Order some different stuff from McMaster
  • Figure out the Riser/facing on the spinning stairs (one step at a time)
  • Paint the rigging shiny black

Things to be happy about:

  • Avery knows about how Nick made the fire curtain valve switch, and confirmed that I had found the 2 most important parts because the third was just a bracket that can be recreated. (and then saved in a more prominent location for future use)

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