Friday, November 12, 2004

Notes notes notes

So far the following notes have been done today:
  1. The butt end of the offstage stair carriage has a piece of facing ready for it (to be painted this evening)
  2. The doorstop pieces are delivered to paints to be turned into green wood.
  3. The offstage piece of toerail was attached on the lower platform's DS edge.
  4. Another 12" of hinge was added to each door and the remaining hinge has been cut to length. The final section is not attached because the floor paint is wet.
  5. The top step facing was cut. Shannon will chisel out the space for the angle brackets to be inset tonight.
  6. The fabric was taped up in the tension grid in an attempt to mask the chandelier.

Other things:

  • Paul Lumber order was delivered today.
  • We will not be building Wall D this weekend. Probably Monday and Tuesday nights.
  • Wall D will be 16'-0" wide so that it can be built as 4 identical sections.
  • 4-Way Ball Tension Catches are on order from McMaster-Carr and will arrive on Monday.

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