Tuesday, November 30, 2004

my head hurts

Its been a day... quite a day. I realize that this is for crew reports, but you get to hear about the day. First, I woke up in my inflatable bed that is quite deflated right now... On my way to school, I tripped and fell. I skinned both knees. Scraped the palms of my hands. And the worst part? My backpack fell forward and hit me in the head. Just to add insult to injury... Then the Frankavator was twisty like a roller coaster in Tech Design... Shannon had been unable to procure carpet for the escape stairs, so I called Harumi to see where we were at with money (to buy carpet) to discover that she was still in Toronto due to immigration issues and a missed plane. So, I went and asked Todd for carpet, he said, "sure, take the big pieces that we don't want anyway."

The door plates, handles and knobs are all in and they look nice. Much less like ass than before. woohoo! The lower stairs support the flipper platform piece. yay! The flipper facing doesn't do anything yet, I ran out of time. boo! I am concerned that the facing piece won't fall forward like its supposed to, and that makes me sad. Does anyone know how I attach something to the pivot end of the cylinder? It has a well contained pivot-rod thingie, so I can't just unscrew it and put it through a hole in a plate or anything.

Tomorrow morning, at 10:30am, with the Tech Direction class, Wall D will be going up on blocks. Like Becca's car when the tires got stolen. But a bit less ghetto, we hope. The changing booth needs to move (UL) and some cabling might need to be re-dressed, but with an available labor pool it seems to be the best solution to the currently inelegant carpet pulling. Still need to put an extension on the carpet, but that isn't the annoying or hard part. Training the run crew to pull it will probably be the hard part. I looked at it in the space with Adrienne, I think that it is the least annoying solution to the problem.

Other notes:
  • try tightening the door latches... the doors aren't working as nicely as they did last week... maybe the new door plates, etc. messed up the balance?
  • Spraying the gauze curtain with hot water was done by Lenny (thanks!)
  • Spraying the lightbulb with hairspray was done by Lenny (thanks!)
  • The hogstrough between B2 and D was moved down to allow the gauze hanger to come in. It will stay where it is now because the curtain looked nice today. The person who flys the curtain needs to be aware of not crashing into the hogstrough with the batten... makes a banging noise... that's bad.
  • The top of the cinderblock wall (the upper left brick) needs to be trimmed down.
  • I was planning on working on the rotating stairs tomorrow, but perhaps that will be later in the day since we are going to move Wall D upwards and onwards.

My head still hurts... time for going home

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