Friday, November 12, 2004

Done by Lunch

Or ice cream... Shannon, Matt, Sarah Rockwell and Richard Dreher built 4 walls @ 4'-0" wide x 16'-0" tall in less than half of crew... it was a sight to behold. The walls are at paints now, first to be backpainted, then to do whatever Lenny is going to do with them. Erik and Jackson's schedules have been rearranged so that they are not having to be here at 8am tomorrow. Jackson will come in to do notes on Monday and Tuesday nights during crew time. Erik has some banked time and brownie points so he will be here from 1-5 tomorrow and then be finished with his crew comittment for Malfi, except for strike on December 12th. I am going to have him build jacks and hogstrough tomorrow. Though as I type that, I realize that Mira will be needing the shop to stay dust-free. So maybe not. aarggh! any other no-shop-involved ideas for what to do with a good crew person for 4 hours tomorrow?

In other news, the AA pipe moved and now the chandelier clears just how Nick and Noah wanted it to. The bare lightbulb is weighted enough to fly. I am concerned about tying off the zip cord, but know of no other way to secure it to the pin rail.

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