Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Its dark in there

Its really hard to do scenery notes during work (read: focus) notes. I should make sure to clarify the level of stage and tension grid illumination for the next day at the evening meetings.

Today this happened:
  • doors have latches now.
  • as a result of the latching, the handles have been attached, albeit temporarily and with less than 100% success, so that the doors may be opened.
  • The top piece of the door stop was put in, to attach the latches to. Shannon filled in to the left and right of the latches, but in between the latches still is open. Glue in green wood? Facing behind it? Static Magic? Help me out here people.
  • Wall A was adjusted.
  • The gap between Wall B and the Reveal was light locked
  • All of the masking has been flown in and the #2 Leg needs to be moved Upstage of Wall C to create a clear path. We have a Genie for tomorrow to get that done.
  • Up Center the requested quick change booth has been assembled.
  • Foam was acquired from Norm to pad the Chandelier.
  • The Chandelier was trimmed and spiked.
  • The last continuous hinges were lost and found. yay Harumi!

Still to Do:

  • Clamp Border #1 to Show Portal
  • Tape Wall B cables to be black
  • Fill in top doorstop between latches
  • nosing at top of steps
  • remove flashing from flipper facing (reattach new flashing after the flipper facing is installed)
  • Attach hinge and toe rail to flipper facing
  • Hinge attached to lower steps in a useful manner. =(
  • Talk to Fahrion Sheet Metal about the door plates.
  • Chandelier Padding (need light on the tension grid)
  • Drill out door handle holes to the screw size.
  • Re-countersink door handle holes.
  • Bare Bulb Trimmed and Spiked
  • Check Fire Curtain and Lower Rail Clearance
  • Support for the flipper on the stairs

My day went well, but now its time to be done. See you in the morning.

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