Thursday, November 11, 2004

Daytime Notes List

Here is the notes list for Friday, November 12, 2004:
  1. Bring Masking to Trim height, spike and re-grid, then bring in for Focus.
  2. Prep Facing for focus. (no flashing needed)
  3. At 6pm, the stairs and facing are to be placed for focus.
  4. Door Stop cut and to paints (so that San can make it look like wood)
  5. Deuglification of the ends of the upper stairs
  6. Railing Stabilization discussion with Dave and/or Kevin
  7. Structural Discussion with Kevin
  8. Pneumatic Cylinder
  9. Flipper Facing as interfacing with the toe rail, flashing and flipper
  10. Compare the lower stairs as built to the design to figure out the facing/overhang issue in relation to the size and shape of the stair. Try to find pre-painted facing to put on anything built so that Lenny doesn't kill me. Make sure that the grain goes in the right direction.

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