Sunday, November 7, 2004


Now that I've written the entry about the facts, its time for a bit of reflection. This morning, Kevin was in and we got Wall A, Wall B1&B2, the Big Mofo and the Lifegaurd Platform installed and the lower platforms on their gates. He left after lunch, approving the walking of people on the cantilever, going over the plan with me and promising to check in via telephone. There were definite problems this afternoon with the stair install, but it was nice at the same time to get them stable enough to be able to walk on them and sleep tonight without actually running to an advisor. Of course, it will probably all get redone tomorrow morning when Kevin looks at it, but so life goes as a student.

On another note, I am quite glad that I do not have the ENTIRE install crew as my very own personal small army anymore. Its really hard to keep 10-12 freshmen and sophomores busy, even re-divided into Team Unit and Team Walls. Especially when I barely know their names. We only have 4 tomorrow, and they are all starters on Team Scenery, which is good. If each TD Team person takes 1 or 2 crew people and a portion of the list, we will all have a manageable task for tomorrow night, and the availability of the small army as needed.

Depending on the traffic patterns of the coffin, gurney and the associated actors, the lifeguard platform bracing may need to be revisited to allow for an actor pass-through.

Where did the depth of this set go? It looks really shallow and tall from the audience. Maybe the show portal should have been downstage of the proscenium? not my set to design and there is nothing to be done about it now except learn, but sitting in the house after loading in enough pieces to be able to look at it makes you wonder.

I wonder what the budget was for the Pentecost set. That one seemed to be a lot bigger and have more stuff (like the breakaway boards, refugee van, scaffolding, door in the door, more stage space) than this, and I have been under the impression that the budgets have gotten bigger, even relative to materials costs. But maybe not. And maybe Cory Cope was really good at getting stuff cheap.

I need to get home and churn something out for tech design, and get some sleep so that I can be back in the morning to order schtuff from McMaster. Yay! for spring open hinges. Just like Hardwareman says, McMaster-Carr can get it for you.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to like the depth of the set, which is why I designed it that way.