Sunday, November 7, 2004

Installed with love by a Small, Tall Army of Smurfs

Yesterday, I did actually write a crew report. But then blogger ate it. I should remember to ctrl+a, ctrl+c the entry before I hit "Publish". But I didn't. As of the end of today, the following has been accomplished:

  • soft goods hung in the correct location
  • Show Portal and Walls are all up and in the right place on stage (presumably, since it all fit) except the show portal reveal on SL, which still needs to be adjusted
  • The floor plugs on the apron have been fixed
  • The Pinrail is currently being stored behind the SL box boom (if everyone knows, I will be less likely to forget where it is on Wednesday)
  • The fire curtain and the flipper were tested in relation to each other today, and all is good and comfy. woohoo! =)
  • The cantilever platform, aka Big Mofo, was installed, counterweighted and Kevin tested. All is good.
  • The Upper Stairs are in position and secured for right now. (safe to walk on if needed)
  • the Lower Platforms are up and in positon. They still have some notes to be done on them.
  • the Escape stairs and the lifeguard platform are installed
  • Initial walk-through with Stage Management (aka Adrienne)

Tomorrow's Projects (to be followed by the rest of the list)

  • Fix Show Portal reveal
  • Supports on the upper stairs need some work, but they will hold for now. Probably some custom hardware or SYH*.
  • Facings add
  • Toerails, aka Kick Thingies, add
  • Railings, install
  • Make more hogstrough, paint black, put on walls
  • Full length gusset between B1 and Platform
  • Check labelling of the fly rail
  • Door Reveals
  • Walls B2-B3 connection fixed (barter with I-Hua for Genie)
  • Lower Platforms fixed
  • Order cable reels, Spring-Open Hinges and 3' continuous hinge from McMaster in the a.m.
  • walk-through with the advisors

The rest of THE LIST:

  • Check border and gauze hanger so that it won't get stuck
  • Ben Carter Welding the door handles
  • Flashing on the facing (I got 8" wide flashing at Home Depot on Saturday! woohoo!)
  • Get doors back from paints, pre-rig and install
  • Clamp masking on proscenium
  • Clamp B1 and Leg 4 together
  • Finish escape railing
  • Step filler (lower stairs to upper stairs)
  • Pneumatics/stair spinning
  • Take off pre-rigged hardware not being used
  • adjust SR-SL position of the Gauze Hanger 6" to SR
  • Find out if the Cinderblock Wall is actually being used in the show.

*SYH = Stupid Yale Hardware, noun. "The shop at the Rep has cornered the market on making one time hardware to solve a problem rather than adjusting the solution to include off the shelf parts." from David's blog

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