Friday, November 19, 2004

Oh, now it works

Copied and pasted from an earlier email:

So, Blogger is having server errors out the wazoo. And Gmail has chosen to not cooperate with my mouse. So I am resorting to Mulberry for this report. Blech.

Tonight we discovered that the run crew assigned to deck/fly/props has themost useless people we have ever met. One of them (Cody) is quite goodwhen kept on his own. The other 2 are just awful. Special, really. I will stop talking about it now. Everyone on the team has witnessed them in action. Or non-action, really. Shannon gave them a good talking to before we released them. Maybe it will be better. Or someone will really yell at them.

What we did:
  • The bare bulb is weighted and flies. It is approximately 400grams ofweight to fly a light bulb with ~80' of zip cord and 3 raulmark sheaves.The bare bulb, when it finally is set, might make a good Tech Brief. Or maybe there already is one and I'm retarded for not having just used that information.
  • The flying things are all spiked for ins and outs and I've run them withShannon.
  • A walkthrough was done with stage management (Adrienne)
  • The railing edges were softened as asked for by stage management.
  • A thorough (though not perfect by any means) backstage and onstage sweep and mop was done. The cracks on the stage floor were vacuumed out.
  • The floor was drag-proofed and desqueaked.
  • A black commando skirt was put on the 3 non-wall sides of the cinderblock wall plug.
  • the changing booth was fixed/improved and the table set up for costumes.
  • the silver cables on Wall B were blacked out with marker.
  • the nosing was attached to the lower platform
  • the lower steps spin (attached to the Unit on the upstage side)

Still on The List:

  • Flipper facing/platform hinge and pins and things
  • real flashing on the flipper pieces.
  • black out the pit rail screens for the fog effect (buy black fabric? plywood?)
  • Track down the stupid fabricators for the aluminum stuff. or find a different shop to have bid it/do it. But I kind of want this good shop. Arrgh.
  • put some hot glue on the bare bulb to keep it hanging straight
  • Upper toe rail facing bit t-nailed on (10am) tomorrow because I keep forgetting about it.
  • Make stair joint fillers. Give to paints.

And now, I need to go to the Drill Deck because the Grand Buffet concerthas crummy turnout and I don't want Milo to cry.

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