Monday, November 15, 2004

And the notes begin

First off, the run crew is a mixed bag. Some of them are great, many are mediocre and one even whined about not being able to get her homework done before we even started doing anything.

What we did:

  1. The #1 Legs are moved to Lineset 6. Should work out better this way. Currently they are gridded, pending needing them in as masking.
  2. I got a size for the door knob plates (estrucheons?) from Nick. They should be plenty big enough to hide the holes from the not-level knobs and to put them in a more correct, level location.
  3. The Door Stop began to be put in, but then it was break and time for lx to have the stage
  4. The Upper Railing is stabilized. In the words of Noah Mitz, "you could dance on that."
  5. Wall D is braced with some big hogstrough for the 35# Fresnel to be planted up on top.
  6. I spoke with Nick about his preferred placement of the 4-way latches.
  7. The Upper Platform's offstage, downstage corner is capped. There is a 2x4 connecting the Beam to the Studwall.
  8. The flashing has been put onto the facing for the flipper.
  9. Further progress has been made in the design of the stair spinner.
  10. The hinges are finished being attached.
  11. Sconces were magically installed today (probably by Norm)

What still needs to be done (from the old List):

  1. Clamp the #1 Border to the Show Portal (needs 2 Genies)
  2. Fix the Proscenium Masking (needs a Genie)
  3. Clamp the #1 Legs to the Show Portal (needs a Genie)
  4. Use black e-tape to make the Wall B picks disappear
  5. Fix Hole in Wall B on the lower SL section
  6. Eq the crap out of Wall A (pringles)
  7. Padding for the Chandelier (Black Gaff Tape and some foam padding)
  8. Aluminum angle welded on.
  9. Toe rail t-nailed on.
  10. Chandelier and Bare Bulb need to be trimmed and spiked.
  11. Door stop and latches finished.
  12. Call Fahrion Sheet Metal about the door plates.
  13. Continue on the Lower Stairs.

Time for a lovely post-crew production meeting

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David said...

check with Nick and Noah about the tape before you do it.