Thursday, November 18, 2004


Tonight the masking notes got done. The #1 Border no longer casts shadows on the show portal. The #1 and #2 Legs are properly located in relationship to the set and each other. The proscenium masking is clamped and much less ass-y looking. The chandelier is padded. The in trim in set and the rope tied off and taped at that point, after it was untied my an unknowing person who was asked to fly in the chandelier. The kickplate facing is attached to the lower steps. The nosing is in progress. The toe rail is attached to the flipper facing. There is no longer a visible hole behind the door latches in the door stop. A rope was struck from the grid, an artifact of the chandelier process. A Genie was bumped into the Show Portal reveal, breaking a screwed connection to the floor and causing a crack in the portal from the floor to about 5' off the floor. I called Will right away to see what his preference would be in terms of us fixing it at all. He is going to take care of the crack tomorrow. Some of the green wood painted MDF isn't quite right that we have been using for the nosing and kickplate today, Will said that he and Lenny would take care of any green wood notes after Lenny returned from Orlando. Carrmen approved the quick change booth as it currently sits. I-Hua had a run light installed for the box boom pin rail stage left. Harumi worked with Milo for about an hour or 2 today. Electrics installed a "hazer platform" between Wall A and the escape platform's railing. It was not installed as Todd, I-Hua and I had discussed in order to address my structural and safety concerns. I have spoken with both Todd and I-Hua about further work that needs to be done so that we can all sleep better at night.

Tomorrow/The List includes finishing the nosing, first with a trial piece and then with the real one (2 have already been destroyed in the nosing of this platform). I need to talk to Nick about possibly adding some sort of architectural detail to the facing of the lower platform to hide the seams that are being difficult. That was a suggestion from Ray. Tape the Wall B cables to be black. Track down the sheet metal fabricator. Figure out how the door plates are going to be mounted. Check on the hazer platform's structural progress.

I wonder why stage floors are so hard to get level. Why don't people listen? How hard is it to follow instructions? Why don't they rehearse what they say they are going to rehearse when they say they are going to rehearse it? Tape is a great clamp. Why do we always feel the need to guard holes in the floor the size of the orchestra pit? Why didn't DH let me just have a human powered, pivoting staircase instead of having it be pneumatic? Where is the leak in my inflatable bed? What would stop me from being finished with school 29 days from now?

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