Wednesday, September 21, 2005


You can thank Gapers Block for my recent interest in FermiLab's public programs.

This is the general information page for their Ask-A-Scientist program.

Fermilab World Year of Physics 2005 Symposium

The Fermilab out in Batavia has public events. On Saturday, October 8, is the World Year of Physics Symposium, but they also have a herd of buffalo, nature paths, tours and an art museum. The art museum currently has an origami exhibit. I need to get registered now!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Artists erect giant pink...

bunny on the mountain. It is supposed to last twenty years, and was knit by dozens of people with pink wool. I think that it would be totally worth seeing if I lived in Italy.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm a total geek

The humble screw has changed little in 2,000 years, until a stubborn engineer at Illinois Tool Works came up with a fascinating new twist.

I have always been a hardware dork, even asked Cory Cope enough questions about screws during crew at one point that he went and did some research to answer my questions so that I would go away. I love the McMaster-Carr catalog. I look forward to trips to Clark & Barlow. I have favorite hardware that I like to work into projects as frequently as possible.

Hi, my name is Katy and I'm a hardware dork.

Did I mention that this company that the genius works for is in Illinois? I got a link to the article from Gaper's Block, a site about Chicago, IL. I haven't been updating much recently. Ken will be out again at work tomorrow, so maybe I'll blog a bit then. I've been reading and crafting and seeing movies and learning to eat new things, so there is lots to write about.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Its better than a Tomagotchi, and its got puppies! I want one, but not really. I got it for free in some manner, I would totally dig it, but I'm not interested in purchasing it just for some virtual puppy love. But either way, thanks to Daily Candy Everywhere, I found out about this adorable product idea.

I will update this entry later with a link to pictures of Baxter and his puppy, who was the last of the litter to be sold, and the only one that my family and the daddy dog got to meet. They are just oh-so-cute.

Oh man, watching the I <3 Puppy Cam! on the website while I type this makes me want one even more. Darn marketers. Must get to work.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Crafters Help Hurricane Victims

Go shopping for handmade items, and all proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross's Hurricane Relief Fund. I will be donating *something* to the shop, probably under the website of the Crafty Ladies and my name. When I do, I will post it here too.

And the donation ticker:

Personal Katrina Update: Dr. Judith A. Kelsey, my aunt, is currently in Lafayette, Louisiana, in her home there, and is doing alright. The status of her house in Franklin, Louisiana, on the bayou, is still unknown. Franklin is 90 miles due west of New Orleans, and Lafayette is approximately 50 miles north of Franklin.