Friday, October 8, 2004

Will made a fort

subtitled: "2 minutes to Drink-thirty" provided by Shannon.
What we planned to do:

  • make more walls
  • budget projection
  • put away today's lumber order
  • use the new foam-friendly adhesive
  • do a big clean-up including empty the dust collection room

What we did:

  • Walls A and C are ready to ship to paints on Monday at top-of-crew
  • Wall B is in progress, paints was carving the homasote up past clean-up tonight.
  • B1 is waiting for the carved homasote
  • B3 and B4 are both begun and should be finished by the end of Monday night crew.
  • B2 will have adjusted draftings and be ready for build on Monday night.
  • Harumi worked on the budget projection.

What we didn't do:

  • The dust collection room did not get cleaned out

Why not?

  • Paints was still carving into clean-up time, to get ready for their sophomore crew starting next week, preventing the collection system from being shut off. The dust room will be emptied at the top of crew Monday night.

What's next?


  • Materials for the gauze hanger will arrive from Rose Brand
  • Sarah Rockwell (special projects) will begin sewing the gauze hanger in the costume shop.
  • Walls A and C will be delivered to paints at the top of call.
  • The dust collection room will be cleaned at the top of the call.
  • More walls will be built. Walls B3 and B4 should be complete with B2 begun.

Farther out:

  • Walls A, B and C delivered to paints next week.
  • Show Portal begun (due to paints Wednesday, October 20)
  • Panel Hanger complete and to paints by the end of crew Thursday (14 Oct)
  • Cinderblock wall unit begun.
  • Friday night (15 Oct) 1 or 2 Varsity Build Crew team members will be doing some prep to get ready for the call on Saturday, October 16.
  • Oct 15 will be used with most of the crew as a catch-up/get ahead day (back to an earlier schedule where they were working on the Show Portal and Cinderblock Wall units)

The Overhire situation:

These are the 5 projects currently set aside on the "overhire" line. They add up to 200 hours.

  1. Rehearsal Stairs
  2. Scenic Stairs
  3. Platforms
  4. Scenic Railing (aluminum)
  5. Fire Curtain Machine

On Saturday, October 16, from 10am to 6pm, a crew of 5 people (does this include me or not??) will be building and installing these stairs into Studio A. Originally, I had planned to install them on Friday night with the build crew, but its pretty tough to install something that hasn't been built. Instead, the Saturday crew will install them. I will probably have the stair treads and studwalls cut listed by some quality sophomores to save that hassle on Saturday while maintaining an appropriate level of quality. (we've had some cut list accuracy issues)

Other unit updates:

  1. The scenic stairs will be attached to Kevin's board Monday morning to look at, I want the drawings in the hopper for when we have the labor.
  2. I am still looking for an ultralight MDF supplier in town, because regular stuff from Paul's is really really heavy and makes me sad. :(
  3. Monday morning an order will be placed with Allegheny Millwork for the Hem-Fir 2x12s needed.
  4. Ben Carter agreed to TIG weld the railing to make it super-pretty, but there is still the cutting, set-up/jigging and cleaning to be done. I need to order the aluminium early next week.
  5. Upper Platform is approved to build.
  6. Fire Curtain Machine is in progress on tech design. Looking for a local pneumatics supplier for a cylinder.

Look for an updated build calendar on the mezzanine bulletin board early next week.

Sorry this was so long, lots to catch up on, it seems.

Love, Katy

"This crew report was not approved by anyone but myself."

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Anonymous said...


I think you need to change your schedule so you are building the rehearsal stairs Thursday and Friday night. Then you use the Saturday call (if the fill it) to finish them up and do some catch up. Leaving it until Saturday to start just feels risky.

Do you count Saturday? They should find the full number without counting you or your staff. Hopefully the people will be of a higher skill level and you and your assistants might be able to do some work too.

I don't know of an ultralight dealer in Pittsburgh. Sorry. db