Thursday, October 28, 2004

I've had better days

  • Harumi updated the Quantity Take Off, thus giving us a dollars budget projection
  • Nick and I discussed the aluminum angle on the railing and the reason why it might not be acceptable to just paint it to match. He has also put another idea on the table. I will be looking at it further.
  • Avery got the railing jigged up. It is on the 2 work tables. Ben Carter is re-scheduled to weld it on Tuesday afternoon. By then, perhaps, the second, added, railing will be jigged as well.
  • Dave Ogle worked for us tonight. He helped Avery. Celeste told me after crew that he was working for me tonight. But she also told me that he'll be here tomorrow. So now I know. I love you Celestamassino! =)
  • the Show Portal was delivered from paints, pre-rigged and the header is flown on Lineset #5 (8 bricks of weight), now paints can do the gooping of the horizontal reveal whenever they would like, space availability pending.
  • Avery and Dave Ogle started on the lower stair unit after break
  • The doors have been skinned. still no hardware.
  • Izzy gave me a flower from Big Love


  • Avery coming in at 7:30.
  • Ogle at 6:30
  • don't forget that Sarah Rockwell will be in for crew. Need an answer about the cut black drop by then. or a new task for her.
  • Meeting at 10:30am with David Boevers to go over "the list" to get build done during build, and that will be over before the 11:30am faculty meeting, at which point any issues brought up outside of me being a slacker drafting/bad tech designer, aka interdepartmental, can be dealt with by the advisors/staff/faculty in the same room.

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