Friday, October 15, 2004


Tonight was long. It was Friday. Norm was supervising. A show was on the Chosky stage.

What we planned to do:
  • Finish the big rehearsal stairs
  • Lower stairs hinged to the wagon unit
  • platforms converted to a wagon unit
  • Caster plates finished
  • Show portal (last two sections)
  • Rip 1x12 into 4 pieces
  • Rehearsal Railings sanded

What we did:

  • First, we moved all of the TV PROJECT flats and related pieces into the Wells. I was under the impression that we could move them if we wished to do so. But in fact, according to Mr. Norman Beck, we were expected to do so at the top of the call.
  • Um, yeah on the big rehearsal stairs. we worked real hard. they were partially wrong. Shouldn't be a big problem to finish in the a.m. because they are fixed (thanks Shannon)
  • The platforms were converted to a wagon unit
  • The stairs were hinged onto the wagon unit
  • The 1x12 was ripped down
  • The show portal's main pieces are finished
  • The show portal reveal is near completion.
  • The rehearsal stairs pieces are all sanded and actor-proofed

Saturday plan:

  • Finish big rehearsal stairs
  • Get all the pieces to Studio A
  • Assemble unit and have stage management check it out
  • Start platforms/finish platforms? (MDF isn't coming in until Monday)

Other things:

Harumi has lots of paperwork to do. She and I discussed the list. Sunday is the strike/changeover with Arcadia. Sunday Dan Saner will be bringing back a 4x8 wood stock platform from the warehouse post-Arcadia props strike and it will be installed before the Monday night rehearsal.

Good Night.

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