Friday, October 1, 2004

More Drawings for Review

Tonight on crew, the plan was:


  1. start drafting the big doors

  1. go watch Arcadia Tech for Stage Management class
  2. put in Rose Brand order during business hours
  3. make a cover and spine for the TD Team Production Binder


  1. Get Wall Draftings approved for build
  2. Put in Paul Lumber order during business hours
  3. Put Rehearsal Stairs to paper for approval

This is what happened:

  1. Shannon isn't feeling well and stayed home. She will begin drafting the doors if she is up to it. Or she will sleep and try not to die. Feel Better!
  2. Harumi gave the Rose Brand order request to Ben Carter, they would not take an order and then have someone else call in the credit card number.
  3. Wall Draftings were approved for build by Kevin.
  4. Paul Lumber order was given to Norm. He said that he would put it in today with his lumber order for Malfi props. He was concerned that it was a lot of lumber and that there would be no one to unload the truck. I told him that I would be available if he knew when they were coming, or he could come and find me.
  5. Rehearsal Stairs are on paper, plates R1, R2 and R3, and ready for an advisor to look at them. I plan on stopping by midday on Friday, before my 1:30 class.
  6. Harumi has begun work on the cover and spine. I asked her to please have something in the binder by crew time tomorrow (Friday)

The plan for tomorrow:

  • Shannon
  • Continue with Big Doors
  • Harumi
  • Make cut lists for Walls and Show Portal
  • update calendars and schedules
  • find swivel-lock casters for Cinderblock Wall Door Plug
  • Katy
    • During business hours, add to the original Paul Lumber order for Rehearsal Stair Materials. Make sure to order a sheet of 1/2" plywood.
    • Take Rehearsal Stair drawings to be approved.
    • Revise and resubmit drawings
    • Time permitting, draft scenic stairs more completely, goal is to have those on paper by Monday

Thanks and please leave a comment about the format, as I've never written a crew report before.

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Anonymous said...

Katy, this is fine if a little wordy. Could just be two lists: what we did and what we're doing tomorrow (and somewhere in there you should catch what you meant to do but didn't). Don't really need to know who did what unless you think its important. Some explanation of difficulties is good, plus anything else you think is relevant. Let me know if you're having ongoing ordering problems. db