Thursday, October 21, 2004

Super-Speedy Crew

Pokey-Slow Drafter.

I had a small list for tonight, and quite the effective crew. What we planned to do:
  • MDF onto the lower platforms with 3/8" overhang to cap the facing
  • Assemble the cinderblock wall onto the wagon.
  • clad the stair treads with MDF
  • cut the MDF for the door
  • j.c. all nail holes in the MDF

What we did:

  • Platforms have MDF
  • The stair treads were somehow not all 3'-0" wide. So they were made to match before being clad.
  • Stair Treads are clad.
  • Lower escape stairs are legged up.
  • The "funny triscuit" has been converted into a rigid wagon that rolls quite well. The Cinderblock wall flat is currently incorrect, with one of the flats having the lauan on the wrong side. This will be corrected tomorrow by the overhire who built it. Thankfully, the already-backpainted lauan will be covered by the cinderblock wall casting
  • All the nail holes are joint compounded on the lower platforms and stair treads.
  • we went home early

Updates for the future:

  • we may be adding another 8'-0" section of aluminum railing along the downstage edge of the bottom platform
  • The cinderblock wall needs to be looked at as far as how it goes to paints after it is fixed. Will it be as a wagon, ready to roll to the theatre after it is painted, or will it be painted flat and then attached? To be looked at tomorrow.
  • 11 am Tuesday Load-in meeting with Kevin, Katy, Todd, I-hua, Becca
  • Helluva lot of drafting to be done tonight. Feel free to call me in the a.m. to make sure that I get up for my 9am class.

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