Saturday, October 16, 2004

What to do instead

Being on the shop floor stresses me out. Here are some other things that I could be doing instead, that generally don't make me want to scream:
  • balance the books
  • do install drawings
  • install paperwork
  • daily to do sheets
  • revise your calendar
  • meet w/lenny
  • check in in rehearsal
  • walk through what you have with Nick
  • check in w/props
  • meet with the ME to be sure you have a cohesive install plan
  • do a current projection
  • organize your receipts
  • make labels
  • prototype the swing mechanism
  • survey the theatre around the swing mechanism
  • verify the lineset contents
  • get some petty cash so you can run buy some 2x4s if you have to

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