Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another day...

we built things today. Pretty darn uneventful. Proven fact of the day: It is possible to listen to too much Madonna and/or Avril Lavigne. But if you alternate, it takes longer to get sick of it.

What we did:
  • Continued on with the Scenic Stairs. Jon Torska and Eric Grathwohl are rocking along on that with Shannon following along with the joint compound.
  • Studwalls for the Escape platform are built
  • Small Escape Stairs are legged up. They are a little spongy, but that is more an issue of how they were built. However, I can't complain about free, stock stairs of the correct dimensions.
  • Started cutting out the Scenic Railing pieces.
  • Tried to grommet the gauze hanger. Our grommet die sucks @$$.

I am hungry and its half price at Fuel & Fuddle. I'll talk later. =)

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