Thursday, October 14, 2004

Trust the drawings

The lesson of tonight: Do not think too hard on the shop floor. Build it how you drew it. Do not overide your design during build. It won't work. You had a reason for doing it the way you drew it. Do NOT think too hard on the shop floor.

What we planned to do:
  • work on the rehearsal stairs

What we did:

  • Lower Rehearsal stairs built
  • Small platform and wagon partner were built
  • Caster plates were started, the 2 smaller ones are complete
  • The larger stair carriages are laid out and cut
  • All ledger blocks and treads are cut for the rehearsal stairs.
  • 2 more sections of the Show Portal are built (thanks Shannon and Harumi)

Tomorrow's plan:

  • John OVERHIRE!! Geller will be in working at 1pm. He will be working on making the lower platform into a wagon and beginning the platforms.
  • Michelle and Paul will be finishing the treads and ledger blocks on the big stairs
  • Eric and Torska will start platforms
  • San is going to Paints if she is healthy and at crew
  • Richard will finish the caster plates
  • after all the pieces are finished, we will have the crew transport the pieces to Studio A in preparation for the Saturday install.

Saturday's plan:

  • load-in the stairs to Studio A
  • Build platforms
  • start real stairs??

its best to have extra stuff planned for a catch-up call, right?

I'm hungry and tired and need a beer, so I'm signing off.

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