Thursday, October 7, 2004

Glue eats Foam

What we did:
  • We built some more flats. They are square now.
  • None of the flats are complete because the "Original contact cement" which says that it can stick to foam, in fact, eats foam.
  • I worked on prototyping the fire curtain-stair spin machine. Its tricky. My ultra-ghetto mock-up is ready to be played with and troubleshot.
  • Paul Lumber order put in, delivery tomorrow
  • Rose Brand order sorted out. Materials for Gauze Hanger will come in Monday, Black Drop in about a week and a half.
  • Harumi is working on our bookkeeping and sorted out the receipts.

The plan for tomorrow:

  • Work on the walls
  • Lumber order coming in from Paul's in the a.m.
  • Find a foam- and budget-friendly adhesive
  • Drawings and prototype for Kevin to look at
  • Order Hem-Fir from Allegheny Millwork
  • Find a local vendor of ultralight MDF
  • Sort out the overhire/rehearsal stair build

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