Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Its a good thing we have fit-up

I think that some of my sophomores have lost their gruntle. Any ideas on how to get it back?

Tonight we worked on:
Sarah Rockwell: finished the Gauze Hanger. It is ready for install. Nick says that it doesn't need to be touched until its seen in the space. And then only maybe. It is already FR. She also started on the cut black drop with Paul.
Michelle Wong: worked on the door. I need to buy some more wood to get us to keep moving forward.
Harumi Ikeda: Happy 21st Birthday! She made the door plates from the 1/2" MDF.
Paul: Finished the Aluminum cut list. Yay!! Then he helped Sarah with the cut black drop.
Richard Dreher: helped Paul with the Aluminum, drilled the pilot holes for the screws, wrapped up the pieces.
Erik Grathwohl and Jon Torska: Added some inner horizontals to the Escape Platform studwalls. Finished the Scenic Stairs. Did a fit-up for the lower platforms. Torska hinged the flipper unit. Cut the downstage UNIT facing

Conclusions: 4 of the studwalls are too tall on the lower platform unit. This is unfortunate. But its better to catch it on Day 1 of Week 4 than at Call 5 of Load-in. I think that it was a drafting error. Do not draft in haste. The Kreg Jig works much better when you aren't trying to fasten to end-grain in pine. My head hurts. There is a really big circle that can be made around Purnell to check on things that are happening and keep moving physically.

Things brought up today to deal with:
  • The current projection gives me about $500 extra, while still maintaining my $625 contingency from the original allocation. I am comfortable giving this up to props so long as I keep my original contingency for when Di and Nick add scenic things. And for stuff that I forgot to need at load-in.
  • Noah brought me a sketch today of his fog machine placement and plumbing and things. Is this my thing to build? It looks like electrics to me, since it came from him and Nick never mentioned it. We will discuss tomorrow at the load-in meeting. I have forwarned Adrienne about the use of fog. She was as-yet unaware. Though at this school, every show should be assumed to have fog or haze or something like that in it.
  • Nick would like the cut black drop to be cut at 1'-0" increments because it is easier to cut it more than to put it back together. I would like to turn the black drop into a blanket. 16 oz. commando is very soft, even when FR.
  • The black drop from Rose Brand is wider and a bit longer than expected. We will be cutting it to 14'-0" as planned.
  • I need to order another hinge for my stair pivot. or figure something else out. Probably figure something else out, as I can probably do it with existing materials without another McMaster order that way.
  • Beth and Lenny are concerned that there will be lots of fixing to do on the wall seams in terms of leveling the surfaces.

Things to buy:

  1. more 2x4. you can never have too much. and we are out. again.
  2. 3/4 ply. its gone. again. but that's expected since I only got enough to jig up half the railing at a time.
  3. 1x6. you can never have too much. we appear to be low and I haven't cross-braced the world yet.
  4. Buy the upstage door knobs.

Where did all the stuff go??

Tomorrow's plan:

  • jig up railing in Chosky if Todd says that its oh-kee-doh-kee.
  • fix studwalls
  • re-try the fit-up.
  • leg up the escapes.
  • keep working on the doors
  • Cut the aluminum for the door handles and jig up.
  • Harumi will be doing paperwork
  • Shannon has Fab-Tech
  • Katy has a headache (hopefully gone by tomorrow)

Load-in meeting in the OSL tomorrow at 11am with Todd, I-Hua, Becca, Katy, Kevin and DH.

Advising meeting at 12noon with Kevin, DB and Katy in David's office.

Love, Katy

P.S. Happy Birthday David Boevers!!

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