Saturday, October 23, 2004


was done yesterday. I forgot to write the crew report because the CREW never showed up. As well, he is not available next week and probably not in week 5 of build either. I told him to call me or Celeste if he was available for work and we'd see if we need him. Thusly, I have been re-evaluating where we are on the show, what needs to be built, drawn, figured out, re-surveyed, sent to paints, purchased, etc..

What was planned to be done on Friday:
  • Aluminum Railing cut list
  • Dry-fit the lower platforms in the space
  • Set up the Upper Escape Platform on its studwalls
  • Notes on the Rehearsal Stairs

What was done on Friday:

  • some notes on the rehearsal stairs

A bit of a difference, the cause is noted above.

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