Monday, October 11, 2004

Who needs clamps...

when you have lots and lots of screws and staples and glue?

Quote of the Day: "What do you mean an inch and a half doesn't equal three-quarters of an inch?"

What we planned to do:
  • build more walls
  • ship A and C to paints
  • start gauze hanger
  • clean out dust collection room

What we did:

  • built more walls
  • A and C to paints (A at the top of the call, C during the first half)
  • Sarah Rockwell started the gauze hanger
  • dust room got cleaned out

What we are doing tomorrow:

  • Build more walls (wall B is HUGE!)
  • our overhire guy is starting tomorrow at 1:30pm. Yay! Kudos to Celestamassino for stealing him for Marisa. Thanks for not booking him all month, PIFOF!

The overhire plan for tomorrow:

  • I will be skipping theatre management to get him started. Not much that can be done about that.
  • Introduction to our shop and the show.
  • Start building rehearsal stairs.

Advisor Meeting Agenda Issues (previously emailed)

  • load-in
  • build order/priority and calendar

All my crew report love, Katy

P.S. Does anyone have a job for me in December? I'd like one. :D


Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be so casual about skipping Theatre Management. It in fact can be helped, but will require you to interface with Ben Carter or David Holcomb or Kevin Hines or Me. My preference would be in that order as its Ben's shop, he's working for David, Kevin has been helping you with details, and I am chopped liver. Anyway, you should be able to sit with any of that group and download what you would like your guy to do and they can get him started.

Alternately you could contact Don and tell him you are going to be a little late and explain the conflict. You can then go to class after you get things started. Geting one guy going on one project shouldn't keep you away for more than 15 minutes - plus, you can let him know where you are if he gets stuck; but since this is going to be a regular operating mode it would be better if you got things established with Ben, which will mean briefing him on the projects you've set aside for overhire as well. db

Katy said...

you aren't chopped liver.

John started today. He seems good. I went to class for most of the time and apparently you emailed Don about it, so he was up on what was going on.