Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturday Call

What we planned to do:
  • Install the rehearsal stairs into Studio A, minus the platform that is coming tomorrow (sunday) from the warehouse
  • Start the platforms
What we did:
  • Rehearsal stairs are installed. They do not have the platform on the top level or railings attached. I need to check the schedule of the room to get them installed. Perhaps in that chunk of time on Monday afternoon from 4-6 when there tend not to be classes?
  • Started the lower platforms. We build the frames and plywood lids for the 2 plain, static ones and the studwalls. Strangely, the plywood is not a rectangle. I continue to be baffled as to how "engineered wood products" can be made in a factory and have such low levels of quality control.


Anonymous said...

question for all of you reading katy's crew reports -
my current resident artists are requesting a painting surface that is reasonably light, somewhat inexpensive, and easy to paint. i said tempered masonite, they said mdf. as a painter, i HATE mdf, and it's really really heavy. however, it is (usually) cheaper.
does paul lumber carry 1/4" tempered maso? how about 1/2"? prices?
other suggestions?
sorry to interrupt the regularly scheduled crew reports for this benign propel schools solicitation. ~andrea,

Katy said...

I find that painters prefer mdf. But why don't you just come over and try painting both and then decide? I will have all of it around on Monday.