Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Designer Adds Tonight: (not surprises, just official today)
  • an additional aluminum railing has been added. It will cost less than $200, to come from the contingency.
  • Aluminum Flashing as banding has been added to the downstage face of the lower platforms. I anticipate this will cost less than $100, but will add some labor, perhaps in the load-in phase to prevent damage to the flashing. This money is also to come from the contingency.

What we did tonight:
  • Erik and Torska: Fixed the messed up studwalls. Legged up and crossbraced the escape platform.
  • Michelle and Richard worked on the doors. They have 1 side of the facing attached to each door. Thursday that will get finished. The wood is bowed in the middle. Shannon plans on hand planing them down to make it the right size. Richard will be a good clamp. (Thanks to the Backstage Handbook for helping us confirm that it is bowed and not warped, cupped or bent)
  • Paul made the pieces for the built door handle. Shannon helped him make the jig. Its pretty hot. Now we just need Ben to weld it up.
  • We gained a person from props/paints today. He pulled most of the rigging hardware for us and put it in a bucket. I think that we might be keeping him on Thursday.

  • Morning: Go over lower stair drawings. Current Budget Projection
  • 5pm Production Meeting
  • 6pm Avery will be jigging up the railing in the Chosky and working on the lower stairs with Ogle (or maybe Hales?? I hear that Steph pulled her girlfriend weight and he isn't working, but we'll see)

  • Finish Doors
  • Pre-Rig Walls
  • Leg up Escape Stairs. If I draw it, this will go faster than a sketch and "you can figure it out" to the smart crew.

Production Meeting Items:
  • Fog with a plumbing system and fancy stand in the Apron Pit? Where did this come from? Why didn't I hear about this until the 4th week of build?!?!
  • Load-In Schedule
  • Paints Return Schedule
  • Tech Schedule (aka what to do with that week Di wants to stay in the rehearsal hall)
  • "Shaking the Tree" by Becca

That's All. Love, Katy

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