Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Avery is coming in tonight. I talked with Ben Carter, and he is happy with Avery doing the jig for the railing. I am going to have him put it together on a temporary table of plywood and sawhorses in the Chosky. After it is put together tonight, Ben will weld it tomorrow afternoon. Because he rocks. Then it will be ready for paints to seal or something.

When/if Avery finishes that, I am going to have him start on the lower stairs. I'd like it if these were built well. Of course. And Avery is a smart man. I bet that he can handle angles.

What am I doing tonight? I will be continuing to ponder some of the trick rig stuff. And drawing the escape stair legging so that crew can build it on Thursday night. They did such a spiffy job of building the life guard platform, I can't imagine that the stairs won't go equally as well. And I need to draw the railings for that too. Maybe I wasn't insane with buying more wood.

Time for a production meeting in 15 minutes.

Isn't there usually a spellcheck option on this thing??

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