Saturday, October 2, 2004

End of the week

Rabbit Rabbit

What we did:

  1. Big Doors are drafted and on a plate.
  2. It was discovered today that the unit estimate sheet for "Big Doors on Wall B" only had ONE linear foot of 1x4 budgeted. This was caught early in the evening and other adjustments were made.
  3. Sheet of 1/2" MDF was tagged in the sheet goods rack for the plate of added decoration on the Big Doors. Also, I need to talk to Nick about using existing sheet metal (steel) that is cleaned up as the finish surface on those plates, as we have it on hand.
  4. The stem casters are being changed to small rigid casters from Home Depot or Lowe's, one was found in furniture caster storage, and either another caster will be bought to match or 2 that match will be purchased.
  5. Cut lists are made for all of the walls.
  6. The build calendar was printed and posted on the mezzanine catwalk.
  7. The first Paul Lumber order is coming in at 9am Monday. Harumi, Katy, Norm and probably Matt Hales will be around to unload. Volunteers are always welcome! hint hint
  8. Rehearsal stair drawings were discussed with Kevin. Redraw began and will continue over the weekend.
  9. Sheet good rack space was cleared for the incoming materials.
  10. Cantilever rack space will be clear by Monday morning when Milo is finished with the PIFOF RP screen project.
  11. Panel Hanger has been drawn and will be brought for approval Monday.

To Be Done before the end of crew on Monday:

  1. Crew orientation
  2. Confirm Rose Brand order.
  3. Start Build.
  4. Overhire hired. This isn't really within my control.
  5. Next round of Paul's Lumber ordering.
  6. Home Depot to get 3/4" beadboard, H2O Contact Cement, roller covers, weatherstripping, chip brushes and joist hangers.

Build Plan for Monday night:

  1. Crew Orientation to the Shop and Safety and the Show.
  2. Wall A cut list.
  3. Homasote cut and labeled. Sent to Paints.
  4. Wall B cut list started.
  5. Beadboard cut and labeled, set aside.

Tibbar Tibbar

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good. David was talking to me about the possibility of shifting a week of overhire into the calendar and giving you two people if they can't find someone soon. You should check to see how that will effct your build. db