Monday, October 4, 2004

A Rock'N'Roll Start

Here is what the plan said we were going to do tonight during crew:
  • Crew Orientation
  • Wall A cut list
  • Homasote cut, labeled and sent to paints
  • Wall B cut list begun
  • Beadboard cut and labeled

Here is what we did tonight during crew:

  • Safety and tool orientation
  • Walls A, B and C have the homasote cut, labeled and sent to paints
  • Show Portal homasote has begun to be cut
  • All lauan is cut and labeled
  • Cut lists are complete for walls A and C, Begun for Wall B (about halfway through)

Why the difference? Because our crew rocks. We got the Varsity Team of sophomore build crews. Our orientation only took about an hour and then we got to work. Clean-up started a bit late, but at 10:30 the crew was dismissed and the shop was cleaner than when we started.

Tomorrow's plan for the sophomore crew:

  • Wall A built
  • Portal Homasote cut
  • Cut lists continued for Wall B and begun for Show Portal

Special Thanks to Sarah Rockwell for figuring out how to stack the cut lumber onto the racks without it falling down on our heads.

TD Team plan for tomorrow:
  • Rehearsal Stair Drawings discussed with Kevin
  • Advisor meeting at 12 noon.
  • Shannon is doing errands for her grad hours tomorrow, we will try to get the show's Home Depot run added to it for beadboard and stuff.
  • Sort out the Rose Brand mess. Our fabric and our drop are still not ordered because there has been much confusion on both ends.
  • Big Doors and Panel Hanger are also ready for Kevin or Dave to look at.

Shannon and Harumi did a good job running the shop floor for the second half of crew so that I could get some drafting done. They rock that way.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things went real well. Don't get too excited about the speed. Recently we've seen quite a few crews start like gangbusters. The trick will be to keep up that pace. Still, with the overhire situation its good to know its a good group.

Let me know if you're unable to make headway with Rosebrand.