Tuesday, October 19, 2004

holy crap is that heavy

TheatrTch42: remember in structure when kevin told us steel is lighter
TheatrTch42: he was right

I need to talk to Holcomb about getting something to lift the freaking heavy platform up in the air from PBT. According to knowledgeable sources (who tried), it takes 3 people to lift a corner 6" to get a skate underneath. This will be an install problem. The stairs won't be much better. We should talk to someone with a couple of forklifts of chain motors or something. Steel is lighter, wood is easier.

What we planned to do tonight:
  • build more stuff. yup.
  • use the MDF that Shannon picked up today

What we did:

  • San and Matt Burns went to paints. Lenny was happy, I was happy, its all good.
  • The big mofo of a trapezoidal platform is built. Its heavy. The plywood wasn't square.
  • The platform for the trick rig is built with the flipper bit. It still needs the hardware.
  • The Kreg Jig arrived today from Amazon Tool Crib. Michelle and Shannon read the directions very carefully, but the joints are strangely not very strong. This is not in line with my previous Kreg Jig experiences. And if Eric Sparks thinks that something is good to do or use, it definitely is.
  • Cinderblock wall is built and pre-rigged.
  • Welding Jig blocks are made.

What we are doing tomorrow:

  • Katy is going to get 2 matching casters tomorrow for the doors.
  • Figuring out the door frames and the kreg jig issues
  • MDF onto the lower platforms
  • Start the stairs.
  • keep moving stuff around for paints.
  • Drawings to Kevin Hines

Today was much better than yesterday. I have lots of homework to be doing. Like my HisODram paper. and my machine design. and my tech design. Oh, wait, those are pretty much all the classes that I take. I should do my homework. obviously, old habits die hard.

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