Sunday, October 24, 2004

Top of Week 4: still to be done

To Do, By Unit
(we'll see if I can get the formatting to work)
**edited to Strikethrough completed items**
  • Pre-Rig Walls (cable picks, bolt holes, alignment, dry-fit)
  • Make Hogstrough

estimated cost: $200 (less if we have stuff on hand)

estimated time: 30.5 hours: 4 people 2 nights (rig), 1 person 1 night (hogstrough)

THE UNIT (Scenic Stairs, Escape Stairs, Platforms, Facing, Fire Curtain Thingie, Railing)

  • Build Lower Stairs
  • Finish Upper Stairs
  • Assemble Escape Stairs and Platform
  • Finish Flipper Platform
  • Cut Aluminum for Railing
  • Figure out where we are going to be welding the railing (email has been sent to Todd asking permission to use the Chosky Stage, everyone I talked to said to ask Todd)
  • Jig up the railing
  • Check the Jig
  • Weld the Railing (Ben Carter)
  • Rail to Paints
  • Facing pieces
  • Finalize the plan for the Fire Curtain Thingie

Estimated Cost: $500?? and 80+ hours. Thats a lot of stuff to do.


  • Build doors (either solve the kreg jig mystery or find some other way to do it)
  • Route groove
  • find appropriate router bit (see above)
  • Build Raised Panels
  • Attach Flashing to raised panels
  • Panels onto doors
  • hang doors in walls
  • build Built Hardware (handles and such)
  • attach door hardware

Estimated Cost: $300??, 40 crew hours??

Gauze Hanger

  • Finish grommetting (I got a new grommet die. Not industrial strength, but it matches the grommets)
  • Attach Tie Line
  • Stitch Ball Chain into the hem
  • Find out if it is FR or not

Estimated Cost: $0 additional, 3.5 hours (1 crew, 1 night)

Cinderblock Wall

  • Casting (by casting class)
  • Attach casting to wall
  • Send to paints
  • Reassemble

Estimated Cost: ~$100, 3.5 hours handling

Panel Hanger and Cut Black Drop

  • Cut Black drop from Rose Brand into Strips
  • Panel Hanger: On Hold per designer's request until further notice

Estimated Cost: $0 additional, 10.5 hours (1 crew, 1 night for black drop; 2 crew, 1 night for panel hanger)


  • Re-Survey
  • Find and Tag Pipes
  • Request Pin Rail/Find Pin Rail in warehouse
  • Figure out how to rig the chandelier so that it doesn't spin
  • Design.Draw.Build Rigging hardware
  • Poke Norm to build the chandelier so that I can rig it and electrics can light it

Estimated Cost: $150 materials, 40 hours total


  • When are the sconces being built? When will they be ready to go in the walls?
  • Check and Move Masking onstage (obviously a lower priority than building the actual set)
  • When do the walls come back to me for pre-rig?

Things to buy:

  • Flashing (how big for door panels)
  • 3/4 ply for railing weld table
  • Upstage doorknobs
  • Pneumatics
  • more 3/8 medite?? check inventory
  • Weatherstripping for doors
  • Steel Plate

Things to draw:

  • Built Door Hardware (find sketches from Nick first... uhoh)
  • Standard Rigging
  • Lower Steps
  • Facing
  • Pneumatic System
  • Chandelier Rigging

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