Sunday, June 12, 2005

wow, that's a lot of yarn

Yesterday I went on a Cotton-Ease hunt. No luck at Michaels, but Tuesday Morning in Skokie had 3 bags of yellow cotton-ease (9 balls total = 900grams) left that I scooped up for less than $20. woohoo! On my way home I spotted a Hancock Fabrics and pulled in, just to find that they *also* had Cotton-Ease. I got 3 balls of Cherry Red, 2 balls of Bubblegum and 2 balls of Licorice, all of each color was from the same dyelot at Hancock, I checked. No idea about dyelot on the stuff from Tuesday Morning, I forgot to look. I seem to be developing quite a stash. I'm thinking about making a yellow version of Sitcom Chic, but gifting some to my secret pal has occurred to me as well. I'm sure that she's been reading all about the C-E discontinuation drama on livejournal. If you have any suggestions about what to do with it all, or what kind of plus-size pattern I could send along with part of it to my secret pal down in Alabama on a cattle farm, leave a comment. I'm thinking that this might be the perfect yarn to try out the "Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" on, since I have a bunch and no real plan for it. (my friend Charlie suggested a Charlie Brown shirt, with the zig zag stripe... anyone know how to do that??)

Edited To Add: I just checked, the Pineapple yarn is all the same dyelot, lucky me!

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