Monday, June 6, 2005


I thought that I had made it through the (fairly involved) intake process to get a new psychiatrist today. I even left work early (which means I get to stay late to make up the hours the other 4 days this week) and paid huge amounts for parking, all to be told that they have no record of my existence. No appointment, no paper trail from intake, nothing on the doc's personal calendar, nothing. So I made an appointment for *next* Monday at 3pm, while they wait for the intake lady to come to work tomorrow to straighten this all out. I even called the insurance to confirm that they would pay for this visit to this doctor at this practice.

Oh, and I made a Froogle wishlist (its pretty much all knitting stuff, for the perusal of my SP5 secret pal)... catch the link on the sidebar

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Anonymous said...

Geesh, I am so sorry about your day! I know how hard it is to get a new Psych. Dr. I hope all works out! P.S. Thanks for the Froogle Wish List!