Wednesday, June 8, 2005


I just placed my first knitpicks order!

For me, I got:
  • Coilless Safety Pins
  • Yarn for Baby Tart (even though its sport weight, I'm willing to take my chances, the colors seem nice and the price is right)
    • 2 in Orchid
    • 1 in Sand
  • Yarn for a bag for my mom, the pattern (lunchbag carryall) is in Knit One, Felt Too
    • 7 in Cherry Blossom (I'm going to hold two worsted strands together to get bulky weight)
    • 1 in Hyacinth
For my Secret Pal, I got:
  • cotton/wool/nylon/elastic Sock Yarn in the color "Ballet"... its pink and purple
  • a pair of 40" long, US #2 Addi Turbo circular needles, so now she'll have the yarn and needles for that sock class she's saved for
  • I also might send her some of the safety pins, but we'll see
In my WIP pile...
  • a handful of 100% wool swatches to wash/felt this weekend.
  • a pink and orange (very Tequila Sunrise) beverage cozy, also waiting for felting. This started out as the pattern for a wine bottle holder in K1, Felt Too, but i have no use for a wine bag. But a beverage cozy is fun, so I just stopped short and will probably run it extra in the washer to make it fit a can.
I need to figure out what to start next, its looking like it'll be something sock-y until the knitpicks order comes and the felting happens. Or maybe some more coasters. The cotton ones I made over the weekend work surprisingly well, and dry quite quickly. If anyone out there has a suggestion or a request, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I think you should try a sock...such as broadripple from Knitty!

Katy said...

I will look at that pattern. I have made one pair of socks, and have the yarn for a second + a pair of baby socks. Today's lunchtime knitting will be another cotton coaster though, since that's what I packed last night.

Peg said...

Katy I've found you at long last -- no more issues of not being able to read your blog due to my screen size or whatever was the silly problem.

You knit! I love knitting... but I'm really not so good at it. Actually I can knit til the cows come home and make a great scarf, but purling I just can't seem to get the hang of. Everyone says it's so easy but I just can't get the trick of it! I'll keep trying. I too would love to make other practical beautiful things like you have!

Katy said...


Yeah, you had trouble with the diaryland page... it was so pretty on the right screen, but a disaster for many... blogger is my friend. I like knitting, its amazing to me to make a 3D object from essentially one dimensional string. Purling is tricky, but not impossible. If you were local, I'd show you, but alas. =) And there are lots of things you can do with plain old knitting too... like socks (in the round) with garter stitch heel flaps. and coasters. and sweaters. just about any item can be made with just knitting.

Is the poison ivy any better?