Thursday, June 9, 2005


"Beginner's Lightweight Sock #216" and Beginner Mid Weight sock #242 are the two patterns that I have bought. I made the midweight sock, but I bought the lightweight pattern about two years before I ever knit a sock. I had just learned to knit a few months before, and DPNs were too much for me, as was the fingering weight yarn. Soon though, I will make those darn socks!

I think that next up will be baby socks for either Charlotte (Rick and Rachel's baby who is about to be born) or Baby Chetlin (Andrea's baby who will be born in July), depending on my mood. These socks will be made of the leftovers from my first pair of socks, a Regia with blue and purple stripes and the b&w jacquard stripes.

Then next, it will be the really really really bright rainbow colored socks, perhaps in the suggested Broadripple pattern from Knitty or just the plain socks pattern that I bought the yarn for.

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