Thursday, June 23, 2005

doing better

just a quick update in cryptic language (sorry SP)...

Things are going better at work, which is good. Bidding jobs always seems to expose my gaps in knowledge the most of any activity.

We should be down to the blockhouse after the holiday weekend.

"Value Engineering" = the commercial world equivalent of a Ming Meeting w/ Ben.

I sure hope that I get a good database for HAS hour tracking when that moves over to me.

I have to frog 2 rows of the base of the bag I'm making for my mom. It's going to be felted, but I lost my place on stockinette (reading at the same time) and got a purl bump on the right side. Goes to show that reading, drinking beer, listening to music and knitting can't really all go together.

Back to work. Thanks for listening to the update. =)

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Anonymous said...

If it's going to be felted, don't worry about it... you won't even it is at the bottom! Don't worry about the
Oh, by the way, I asked hubby to drop off your package in the mail and I found it in his car today (boy is he in trouble!!!) I will drop it at the post office tomorrow morning first thing....sorry
<3 SP