Wednesday, January 31, 2007


You have reached The Inconsistent Mixer. She is unavailable to come to the blog today due to an inability to behave like a grownup. All of her reactions to the world around her resemble a those of an ill-behaved toddler, and therefor, her blogging privileges have been revoked, along with knitting with wool. Until this grumpy mood passes, the Inconsistent Mixer is only allowed to knit fun fur hats for teens with cancer, to remind her that there are many people in the world way worse off than she is.

When her behavior is better, Ms. Mixer will be bringing you posts about her SP9 reveal package, Playing Dress-Up with Public Art and a re-publish of an article she wrote for the Windy City Knitting Guild newsletter.

Until then, please leave a message at the sound of the tone. Press 1 for more options.



erin/pinkerbell said...

Hopefully you'll come out of your timeout in a better mood.

Sarah Louise said...

Feel better...I'm over here with my zinc and my pink Kleenex...

jen said...

haha i think i needed a time out last nite as well. i lierally went off the deep end for one of my freelance clients WAITING til thursday at 10pm to send me edits for stuff to do this WEEKEND. I sent that crap to them a week and 1/2 ago. What do they just THINK i have nothing to do on superbowl weekend? Do they just sit around all weeka nd think oh the freelancer doesn't have a life, let's give her the work FOR THE WEEKEND.

i should ride the el down there and beat them silly with a wet noodle, or nat's mac laptop.