Monday, January 8, 2007

things that I have been unable to find in the last week...

Still Missing:
-One (1) package of powdered/flake mashed potatos... I think that I last saw them in a bag near my books or the knitting stuff... or maybe in my bedroom... or did I eat them?
-Both of my Down the Line CDs... might be buried on my desk, but definitely not in any of my CD books, my disc drive, the car stereo or Joanne's boom box.
-one (1) ball of Lorna's Laces Angel yarn... I'm quite certain that I had two ready to go, but could only find one. I need to find it as my cousin needs a pair of baby booties before June.
-the receipt for the Adopt-A-Family wrapping paper that I bought with money from work

Currently Found:
-the Kristen hat kit
-my many-pack of Walker's Shortbread
-the pizza cutter
-the last book in a 12 book series
-my sneakers

1 comment:

Sarah Louise said...

Finding the sneakers--now that is an important discovery!! Good luck finding the other stuff.

I am currently missing one tape from a audio set that belongs to the library--eek!